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About Eloise the Brand

The Eloise Ethos

Inspired by people, places, art, and the feelings they evoke in us. The brand was born out of sheer awe towards the world around us.

Eloise is our harbour for creative expression. To urge others to see the world, to constantly reinvent themselves, and use their imagination to create their own style.

Our collections are thematic, and curated based on muses and concepts that have inspired us. And we hope to pass along that inspiration, to you.


The Consumer

People describe her energy as that of the sun; bright, warm and contagious.

She's a dreamer, and a go-getter  her own yin to her yang.
The one who initiates parties, but craves time alone with a good book in bed.
A city girl at heart, who relishes in a road trip along the coastline, up the mountains, or any adventure to the outskirts.
She appreciates a chic shift dress, but could rock a sleek ponytail paired with a biker jacket any day.

She's in-tune with trends, but decides her own style.

Her name? Eloise.