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Mother's Day 2024 ;

Together with Monica Lie (@luxmondi) and Mio Fine Foods (@miofinefoods), we're excited to host you and your Mum at our upcoming Mother's Day 2024: Ikebana Workshop. Spend an intimate afternoon of Ikebana crafting and refreshments with Mum on 11 May 2024 (Sat), as we commemorate Mother's Day.

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Mother's Day 2024: Ikebana Workshop – for two

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The INSTINCT Series ;

Birthed by giving rein to the makers who bring our designs to life, we introduce the INSTINCT Series.

Every dip and climb along the rims of our INSTINCT wares are carved by hand, through intuition, creating indefinite shapes that ensure no two pieces are the same, and in turn, a series of conversation pieces for your next dinner party.

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From house to home,

one artful, intentional design at a time


Through the curation and creation of carefully considered pieces for the home, we hope to allow you to see your home in a different light — beyond a roof over your head, but a canvas full of untapped potential, to express yourself freely and creatively.

After all, what is a home, if not a sacred gateway to one's inner thoughts and imagination?

Come into your own as the artist of your home and create a safe space that best represents you, with pieces that ignite your senses and guide your intuition.

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CURVED SAND MUG, with Coaster

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