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The IKEBANA Vessel ;

The art of Ikebana – a subtle, sophisticated method of flower arrangement unique to Japan, aims to bring out the inner qualities of flowers and natural material through simplicity. The IKEBANA Vessel emulates that same subtlety with its classic form, directing eyes to the work of art it carries.

The IKEBANA Vessel now comes in an alternative colour — Antique Brown.

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IKEBANA Vessel – Antique Brown

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From house to home,

one artful, intentional design at a time


Through the curation and creation of carefully considered pieces for the home, we hope to allow you to see your home in a different light — beyond a roof over your head, but a canvas full of untapped potential, to express yourself freely and creatively.

After all, what is a home, if not a sacred gateway to one's inner thoughts and imagination?

Come into your own as the artist of your home and create a safe space that best represents you, with pieces that ignite your senses and guide your intuition.

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