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A SECOND LIFE Series — Capsule Collection 02 ;

When a stone slab is chosen, many a time, it isn't used in its entirety. Balance stones often pile up in stone yards, unable to find a purpose. And in these heaps, are stacks on stacks of beautiful natural stone, waiting for their moment in the sun.

With this series, we challenge ourselves to see the potential in what could be, and to put our creative juices to work — breathing new life into these overlooked gems.

The A SECOND LIFE series is our bid to reduce material waste, while creating one-of-a-kind pieces for your homes.

Returning with our second installation of the series, you'll find classic silhouettes designed as ideal pairings, or standalone contemporary pieces, going at marked down prices.

Together, let's give these clean slates a second life, and a new home.

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Changing the way you see your home, one artful, intentional design at a time


Through the curation and creation of carefully considered pieces, we hope to allow you to see your home in a different light — beyond a roof over your head, but a safe space full of potential, to express yourself freely and creatively with pieces that speak to you.

After all, what is a home, if not a sacred gateway to one's inner thoughts and imagination?

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CERA Vessel

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