Due to the lasting nature of stone, we designed these pieces around the theme of "timelessness", to be crafted as permanent additions to your home, withstanding the test of time. Thus, you could say that the addition of these pieces to your collection over the years, is set in stone.

Are these pieces made of homogeneous or natural stone?
We work solely with natural stone for this series, imported from different parts of the world, depending on their origin. 

What do “honed” and “cement-filled” mean?
: A stone that's honed refers to it having been ground with abrasive pads, so it's smooth, flat and consistent on the surface, creating a soft, matte finish.
Cement-filled: Travertine, in its most basic form, has a porous surface which adds a stunning texture, but isn't always the easiest in terms of maintenance.  Filling these holes allows us to withhold its natural pattern, whilst refraining from accumulating dirt.

Will my purchased item(s) look exactly the same as what’s pictured?
With natural stone, every slab, and even portions of each slab, could look entirely different. These stones form organically over decades, and change in appearance with a single alteration in temperature and composition. Thus, not one piece will look exactly the same as another – and that's the beauty of it.


Order & Process 

What is the process like from order confirmation to arrival?
We'll keep you in the loop from start to finish –

  1. Upon order placement, you will receive a standard confirmation email from us.
  2. Once the preorder you've signed up for has officially closed, our team will get in touch via SMS/WhatsApp to inform you of the change in status. Our conversation with you resume there.
  3. About 1-2 weeks prior to production completion, our team will schedule a delivery date and time with you. 
  4. On the scheduled day of delivery, our delivery personnel will reach out to notify you of their impending arrival. Please ensure that there is someone available at the designated address to receive the item(s) at the agreed delivery date and time.
  5. Once our delivery personnel have arrived, you may inform them of your preferred placement of the item(s) and they will deliver them accordingly. These pieces carry weight, and will require strength and care in shifting their positions. Thus, we recommend planning the placement of these items ahead of time.

    The JUXTAPOSITION Coffee Table will be delivered in 3 parts – the tabletop and two legs separated – and assembled by our appointed personnel on the spot. This takes an estimated 15-30 mins.



What's the delivery charge for pieces from the SET IN STONE Series?
With every purchase from the SET IN STONE Series, delivery is complimentary.

Is there a difference between delivery for items included and excluded from the SET IN STONE Series?
Yes. Items under the SET IN STONE Series are typically delivered at a later date, as items are made on a preorder basis, and delivered by skilled delivery personnel who are experienced in the safe handling of natural stone furniture.

I would like to purchase pieces included and excluded from the SET IN STONE Series. How would delivery work?
If your order comprises pieces both included and excluded from the SET IN STONE Series, the available items will be delivered by standard courier once it's been processed. Your SET IN STONE pieces will be delivered as scheduled.