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Made in Singapore. 

One set only.


 — no. 01 consists of the SIDE TABLE — no. 04 and COFFEE TABLE — no. 01.

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The NESTING TABLE — no. 01 is part of our A SECOND LIFE series, conceived with the hopes of reducing material waste in the manufacturing of lasting stone furniture and decor, by challenging ourselves to constantly expend our creativity and breathe new life into materials that were set aside and had gone unnoticed. The series will be released in capsule collections, with each design crafted as a one-off piece, going at marked down prices. 


SIDE TABLE  no. 04: 46 (dia.) x 48 (h) cm

COFFEE TABLE — no. 01: 80 (dia.) x 40 (h) cm

Colour: Multi


Natural Stone, Italian Travertine Classico (*filled)

*By default, all natural pores of our travertine furniture are filled to avoid trapping dirt and to ensure easy maintenance. To request for for an unfilled finish, leave us a note at checkout or contact us directly to check on resource availability.

Use & Care
Wipe gently with clean cloth. Dry thoroughly to avoid water spots. 

Do not use acid or any acid-based agents when cleaning.